Construction Services

Constructional and Structural Works

Within the scope of construction and building works, we make the bearing system and filling walls of the structure with construction materials such as rough construction, brick, iron, lime, cement, gravel, and sand. In rough construction processes, all external construction processes are completed without proceeding with the finishing works of a building. This corresponds to almost half of a project. Apart from these services, we also offer basic digging operations based on the points determined by engineers.

Fine Construction Works

It includes all the operations that need to be done in the building and on the facades to complete the project after the rough construction works in the buildings are finished. As 2A Construction, we are at your service at the point of finishing or repairing fine works such as walls, floor coverings and facade cladding.

Turnkey Projects

Turnkey projects, in which both rough construction works and fine construction processes are carried out together, are replenished in accordance with the contract, considering the approved architectural, static, installation projects, building permit, technical building specifications and provisions of this contract, infrastructure and landscaping are completed, and it refers to the filing of the application before the Municipality to get Building Use Permit (resettlement) following the completion of the landscape and the award of the work completion certificate by the building inspection firm.

Renovation – Repair

Absolutely get information about our renovation services for the renewal of the areas that lost their function on the first day.

  • Interior and Exterior Paint Works
  • Covering (Floor – Wall)
  • Partition wall
  • Suspended Ceiling
  • Roof Construction and Renovation
  • Exterior Façade Cladding